Thursday, April 26, 2018
Bahia Brazil Art Center of Portland, Oregon, USA

A Portland, Oregon based Brazilian arts school offering classes, events and more!


Bahia Brazil Art Center (BBAC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing Brazilian culture with Portland, Oregon through movement, music and arts. Funds generated through Celebrate Brazil will launch BBAC’s 2016 outreach campaign.

The campaign's goals are aimed at presenting a wider variety of cultural events and experiences to Portland audiences.

Bahia Brazil Art Center

In addition to the current classes and events we want to create a richer community by promoting intercultural exchanges through panel discussions, film presentations, book clubs, Portuguese classes for children and adults, poetry readings, family get-togethers, game nights, and performances in public schools and other venues in the Portland metro area. 

Mestre Almiro, the founder of Bahia Brazil Art Center, is a Capoeira Master and former teacher at Academia do Mestre Bimba in Salvador, Bahia, the first official Capoeira Regional school in Brazil. 


In 1986 Mestre Almiro was brought to Portland by Cathy Evelshin, to teach Capoeira at Portland State University. Since then he has been living in Portland, working to promote understanding and appreciation for Brazilian culture in the US.

Proceeds go directly to support BBAC and its primary mission as a non-profit organization to "share Brazilian culture with Portland, Oregon through movement, arts, and music." This event aims to raise enough funds to keep the organization strong for next year's 30th Anniversary. Our goal is to hire a group of resident artists to perform in schools throughout the greater Portland and Southwest Washington areas. This holiday fundraiser will serve the wider community by exposing them to new works by the local artists who help us thrive amidst financial difficulty.

Kris Oliveira, a community leader and longtime BBAC supporter, says:
"The Bahia Brazil Art Center is the first and only organization in the Portland area to invest in a long term effort to provide our city with a Brazilian cultural center.  At BBAC Brazilians and lovers of Brazilian culture can unite, share, and celebrate the creativity that connects us all. Its commitment to a physical space to continue this effort deserves our ongoing support, and I ask you to join me in making a meaningful donation. It's not just about Capoeira with BBAC, it's about Community."

Please come join us! We need everyone's support! 



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Classes at BBAC
Adult Capoeira
with Mestre Almiro
Tues, Thurs 6-7pm
Class Info 

Jiu Jitsu MMA
Mon, Wed, Fri 5 - 7pm
Class Info

Acro Gym
Tues, Fri 9am-11pm
Class Info

Afro-Cuban Dance
Saturdays 3 - 4pm
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Samba Dance
Tuesdays 7:15 -8 pm
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Rent the Space

Host your class or event in our space. Call for details.





Our Values

Tradition Preserving the cultural lineage of traditional arts of Bahia, Brazil

Mutual respect, understanding environment 

Integrity Character, decency, goodness, honesty, incorruptibility,
congruent action

Perseverance Persistence, patience, unrelenting effort, discipline, self betterment

We adhere to high quality standards for everything we do