Tuesday, February 09, 2016
A Portland, Oregon based Brazilian arts school offering classes, events and more!


We appreciate your patience as we make some website and phone contact changes.  

For the time being please contact us via email at:   BahiaBrazilArtCenter@gmail.com       



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We have recently added some new workshops and events!  

   Please read below for details and don't forget to check out our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/BahiaBrazilArtCenter/


 Afro Brazilian Drumming Workshop! Sundays at 3:30


In this 'hands-on & brains-on' workshop, Marcio DaLari will teach you how to play the authentic Samba-Reggae and how it's played by Olodum e Banda Didá, plus Samba do Ilê and Ijexá. You'll also learn about the sociological and anthropological impact of such rhythms in a nation that disguises its strong prejudices in very subtle ways.

This 8-Week Session will go from January 10 - February 28th.
All 8 classes $100, 4 classes $55, Single class: $15
All levels welcome! 

If you own Samba Reggae instruments please bring them!
If you're brand new to drumming, we will have some instruments for students to borrow but highly recommend you purchase your own so you can practice at home :)

For further details email findmarcio@me.com




Samba Dance Class!  Sundays at 2:00pm


New 8-Week Series starts January 10th and continues through Feb. 28. Samba no Pe’ and Samba Reggae! New longer class format includes Live Music with Brazilian percussionist Marcio DaLari.

All Levels Welcome!
All 8 classes $100, 4 classes $55, Single class $15. 

For more information email sfmattos@msn.com




Samba de Gafieira Workshop with Nathalia Carbajal!

One night only!

Saturday January 30th 5 - 7pm!


We are thrilled to announce that Nathalia Carbajal, a Brazilian instructor from Sao Paulo, will teach a Samba de Gafieira at BBAC. This 2 hour-Workshop will focus on Samba history, footwork and Samba partner dancing, also known as Samba de Gafieira. You will learn the basic steps and its fundamentals.

Considered one of the most popular Brazilian cultural expressions, samba has become an icon of Brazilian national identity. While Samba no Pe’ and Samba de Passo Marcado are featured in Carnaval parades, Samba de Gafieira is a ballroom style, made famous by Carlinhos de Jesus, amazing actor, dancer, teacher, choreographer and owner of Lapa 40 Graus, in Rio de Janeiro. Come have fun with us and get immersed in Brazilian culture with Nathalia Carbajal. 

$20 Pre-registered/$25 at door. 

For further details email sfmattos@msn.com



Brazilian Carnaval!!! Saturday Feburary 20th

Children are welcome from 4 - 6pm and 21+ 8pm - 12AM!


We are thrilled to present another Brazilian Carnaval Party featuring Bloco Alegria, Portland's premier Samba Band!
Amazing Drumming, Singing and Beautiful Dancers, with Brazilian food and drinks and lots of fun for everyone to enjoy!

Please save the date!!! More details coming soon :)

We will also have a Children's Carnaval and Costume Party 4:00 - 6:00 PM.

Purchase Tickets Here:


All adults with kids: bring your children to the afternoon party - fun music, kids performance, mini-dance lesson, costume contest and family fun!

Then get a babysitter so you can come to the Adult Party 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM!

Purchase Tickets Here:


For more information email sfmattos@msn.com








Proceeds go directly to support BBAC and its primary mission as a non-profit organization to "share Brazilian culture with Portland, Oregon through movement, arts, and music." This event aims to raise enough funds to keep the organization strong for next year's 30th Anniversary. Our goal is to hire a group of resident artists to perform in schools throughout the greater Portland and Southwest Washington areas. This holiday fundraiser will serve the wider community by exposing them to new works by the local artists who help us thrive amidst financial difficulty.

Kris Oliveira, a community leader and longtime BBAC supporter, says:
"The Bahia Brazil Art Center is the first and only organization in the Portland area to invest in a long term effort to provide our city with a Brazilian cultural center.  At BBAC Brazilians and lovers of Brazilian culture can unite, share, and celebrate the creativity that connects us all. Its commitment to a physical space to continue this effort deserves our ongoing support, and I ask you to join me in making a meaningful donation. It's not just about Capoeira with BBAC, it's about Community."




Please come join us! We need everyone's support! 




Bahia Brazil Art Center